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Experience a network of positive energy from the rustling treetops to the soft crashing waves. Hold that in your back pocket and let it power you through our adventures of finding you that perfect Northern Michigan location. Click the button below to check out Visit Grand Traverse and see all the different activities the area has to offer tourists and residents alike!

Cherry Festival, Gamble & Sharp, Traverse Real Estate LLC
Long Lake, Gamble & Sharp, Traverse Real Estate LLC

The Perfect Surrounding

There are so many gems throughout northwestern Michigan counties. Let Gamble & Sharp guide you through the teaming secret areas to fill your specific lust of ownership. They might even show you something you didn’t know was there before! Click the button below to head to our Facebook page where you can message us and let us know about the property you’ve been searching for.

Love The Great Outdoors

Are you outdoor enthusiasts like we are? Landscape is everything when choosing your prime choice of Real Estate. Whether it’s skiing, hunting, fishing, kayaking or riding ATV’s, we have that experience and the love of the sport to help you find the perfect place to practice. Click the button below to visit our Facebook page and message us about the activities you enjoy and the type of property you’re seeking.

Kayaking in Northern Michigan, Gamble & Sharp, Traverse Real Estate LLC

Featured Review

"Michele and Marty really know people. They also had great insight for what the seller needed to hear to make the right deal. For us, they drove to the property at a time sensitive moment, made a great connection with the seller and clinched the property. They are both experienced builders and can give great structural impressions. Most of all, they love this area and every nook and cranny within it."